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Most students need some help with educational funding. After all, college is really expensive these days. But there may be more ways to find help than the average student knows about.

It’s a good idea to take your questions about educational funding to your school’s financial aid office. The people here work with funding issues every day and they’re sure to know of every possible source of assistance.

Students still in high school but with plans for college after graduation can take their educational funding concerns to the guidance or vocational counselor employed by their high school. These counselors probably have all the forms and applications necessary to get the funding process started even before graduation day.

One really nice source of educational funding is via scholarships. Scholarship money doesn’t have to be repaid after graduation like some other forms of financial assistance do. It just needs to be spent wisely, as all money allocated for educational funding does.

Student loans are probably the most common source of educational funding. These do have to be paid back after graduation but they may be the only way to fund the education in the first place.

It’s very important to know that student loans earmarked for educational funding must be paid back even if a student doesn’t graduate. Discontinuing the education process before gradation for any reason means student loan payments will soon become due and must be paid on a regular basis.

Under certain circumstances, educational funding can come as grants. These don’t usually have to be paid back dollar for dollar but they often come with the commitment to work in a specific occupation for a specific amount of time after graduation. This form of educational funding requires a student to “work off” the monetary assistance granted during school years.

Even with educational funding coming in from several sources, many students find they still need more money, if not for expenses directly related to the educational experience then for housing, clothing, and other incidental expenses that can’t be avoided.

Sometimes parents help with educational funding and sometimes parents just can’t. Or won’t. For whatever reason, every student, regardless of circumstances, can still rely on a good old-fashioned job to help with the expenses when all else fails.