Rental Grants

Sometimes we need money. Sometimes we need equipment. Sometimes we need space.

When we need space, especially if it’s for a project devised to produce a greater good for a wide audience, rental grants may get us just the space we need.

This option is especially true if we need the space to get scientific research into full swing. The very nature of scientific research means there’s a lot of improvising going on. Today’s technology can be used for tomorrow’s breakthroughs but sometimes today’s equipment has to be tweaked a bit, altered and modified to meet the needs of the current experiment that will advance science, and its equipment, to an entirely new level of discovery.

Rental grants can often buy time in a state-of-the-art laboratory replete with one-of-a-kind equipment and technological systems. This is the case with NASA laboratories and Fermilab, the mind-boggling particle accelerator headquartered at Batavia, Illinois.

If reaching for the stars is the mission, rental grants may buy some time in one of the few but incredibly exciting planetariums dotted around the country in some pretty remote and exotic locations. Here the space we enjoy as a result of our rental grants is actually outer space itself. How cool is that?

And if your dream is to talk to whatever might be out there, in deep space, rental grants for research time on New Mexico’s Very Large Array (VLA) radio telescopes might be the communications device you’re looking for. How large is that large array in the New Mexican desert? Each of the 27 radio telescopes is 82 feet in diameter, which, when combined, gives the same effect as one antenna that is 22 miles in diameter.

If down-to-earth missions are more your speed, rental grants are frequently awarded for time and space in Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats, where land speed records for vehicles of all descriptions are challenged, and broken, regularly.

Rental grants don’t always involve pushing the scientific envelope, either. Sometimes they simply mean office space, usually of temporary duration and often while a more permanent facility is under construction.

The lofty goals of scientific missions are awe-inspiring but it’s most often meeting the mundane, day-to-day needs of the general population that the benefits of rental grants are more immediately felt.