Grants For

If your idea of living the good life is making the world a better place for others, you may want to consider applying for government grants for the projects that interest you most. Many government grants are issued to foundations and other charitable organizations, both large and small, so be aware that the biggest reward to an endeavor such as this is one of knowing you’ve made a difference to society in general although it might not make you rich in a monetary way.

Are you passionate about the arts? Many art events, performances, and exhibits would not be possible if not for grants for funding them. The National Endowment for the Arts is one federal agency to look for funding but it’s not the only source. Check with your local and state art alliances, too, for assistance in artistic endeavors.

Love the town you live in but think it could use a little improvement? Apply for grants for community-based projects. Demolish abandoned buildings. Build playgrounds. Start a community garden. Erect a monument to a loved one. There’s no end to the ways a perfectly fine town can be improved and there are plenty of government grants for doing just that.

Concerned about unemployment, and underemployment, in your area? Research government grants for training programs, job placement services, and related missions that will bring new opportunities to the people in your community struggling with our rapidly changing job market.

Has your favorite hiking trail become polluted or threatened by encroaching development? Grants for habitat restoration, reforestation, and generalized cleaning are available. Find out what you can do to keep your favorite natural habitats as natural, and healthy, as possible.

Want to eat better food, stuff grown locally and not transported around the world before finding its way to your dinner table? Grants for establishing farmers’ markets, food pantries, and cooperatives can make that happen.

Legal issues arise although there’s a scarcity of affordable legal services in your area? Consider applying for grants for establishing lawyer referral services or legal consultants who operate on a sliding scale. In many states, attorneys are required to provide a certain amount of legal service each year on a pro bono, free, basis in order to keep their licenses current. Enlist them to provide their free time to your organization.

There are literally thousands of ways to improve the world without leaving home or moving mountains. Much of the work can be done with the help of government grants for whatever project you can dream up.