Grants Applications

Many large foundations, organizations, corporations, and the like employ entire staffs of full-time grant accountants and writers to secure the monies needed to keep them in operation from year to year. These organizations often work with various government entities to meet the demands of their works.

Smaller organizations can meet their own philosophical needs without an entire team of people to complete the grants application process, too, so don’t let a lack of full-time expertise stop you from following your dreams of helping others when all that’s stopping you is a little money. Or even a lot of money.

There are many people knowledgeable in the grants application process who are willing to work with small organizations to achieve their operational goals. Many of them will do so on a consulting basis so there’s no need to worry about where to find the money to pay yet another salary.

If you’ve got a business running smoothly now, you’ve probably developed a respectable working relationship with an accountant of one capacity or another. Ask him or her for a recommendation to a colleague who specializes in grants application procedures.

Take you plans to the recommended grants application specialist and let them know what you have in mind. Be willing to gather up financial and operational data that may go back over several years of operation and make it available in time to meet rigid deadlines.

Know someone who is a staff accountant specializing in grants? Ask if they have any colleagues interested in working with you and your grants application in their spare time. Be prepared to pay a realistic fee for this service. Just because it’s done during free time doesn’t mean the work can be done for free.

Many business owners, large and small, help finance the college tuition and other expenses of their employees and, sometimes, their employees’ children. If you are in the position to be assisting in the education of an accounting student, you might even ask him or her to assist you with the grants application. Understand that the college work is the primary focus in this case, not your grant application, so the process may take a little longer than when hiring a professional to do the work but the student has access to professors often willing to advise promising students in projects such as this.

Don’t let a grants application overwhelm you or bog down the daily operations of your business. There are many people available who can work with the details while you keep the business running.