Government Grant Application

If you’ve ever sneezed, they want to see the paperwork to prove it. That’s the sentiment expressed by someone who recently completed a government grant application to obtain money to expand a business.

That person is the kind who would rather be doing the work instead of the paperwork but the paperwork is the key to the government grant application that is sometimes instrumental in getting a business up and running so the work can be done in the first place.

Depending upon the nature of the business and the scope of the anticipated award, the government grant application process can seem mind boggling. The complexity of the grant application is directly related to the complexity of the need for the granted assistance.

Many humanitarian and charitable organizations that rely on grants as a primary source of funding often hire teams of experts whose sole purpose is to work with government grant application paperwork. Many government agencies offer grants and the terminology and requirements vary with each one. Staying familiar with all options can mean staying in operation another year.

And this year’s government grant application may not be the same as last year’s grant application. Rules and regulations change on a very frequent basis and it is imperative that everyone working with government grant applications stay abreast of current rules and regulations.

Because the criteria behind a government grant application is subject to change from one year to the next, it is vitally important that each application each year to each granting entity meets the precise requirements of the moment. Copying last year’s application, changing only the dates, and securing fresh signatures is often a disastrous practice.

It might be helpful to view the entire government grant application package as many small steps that lead to the completed application. Looking at all the information involved can seem so daunting that it becomes easier to procrastinate than to dive right in.

If you are working with a team to complete the government grant application, why not break the entire project down into isolated units, or steps, and assign a sub-team to accomplish each one? Set a timeline and regular meetings to establish status and, before long, the entire process is likely to be complete, with only minor levels of stress and frustration felt by any one individual.