Federal Grant

The US General Services Administration (GSA) is responsible for organizing and cataloging all the federal grant programs available throughout the federal government. Many agencies offer assistance programs and they often operate in quite different fashion. To manage all the programs, a system of standardization is required and that’s what the GSA does.

Federal grant money goes to state governments and local governments, such as cities and townships within the state. It goes to corporations large and small and to building and construction projects. Some federal grant money pays for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities and still more of it provides food to those in need.

The wide array of assistance provided by the federal grant programs is somewhat mind-boggling and everyone in the country benefits in one way or another. Those of us who are not the designated recipient of federal grant awards benefit in indirect ways.

Highways, streets, bridges, and roadways of all kinds on public property are funded with federal grant money. Everyone living and working in the US, as well as those just visiting for a while, benefit indirectly from the grant money awarded for these projects.

A large amount of the scientific research conducted in this country is funded with federal grant awards, too. The award may be used for developing new types of farming techniques, bio-fuels, or even space exploration. We might not see the direct benefit to each one of us individually with grants like these, as we do with a new bridge linking work and home, but we probably benefit as a nation as a whole for the research sustained through federal grant programs.

A lot of the medical research conducted in the US is funded with federal grant money. Many state universities and colleges conduct research and are affiliated with teaching hospitals and research facilities that remain in operation with financial assistance via federal grant awards.

With the diversity of federal grants awarded and the projects these grants fund, it becomes quite easy to see the value of having one centralized accounting entity, such as the GSA. The GSA has developed a streamlined system of audits and granting guidelines that keep the system as fair as possible while making sure the federal grant money is used wisely, as planned.