Scholarship Grants

Scholarship grants are awarded to students with gifts and talents of all kinds. Schools and other grant funding entities often reward these gifts and talents with money intended to be used for educational purposes. They are described as merit-based scholarship grants.

Perhaps the best known type of merit-based scholarship grants is for athletes. We probably know more about scholarships to athletes because school athletic teams seem to generate and receive the most publicity.

Other merit-based scholarship grants, however, cover the arts, academics, the sciences, economics, business, and other avenues of study as well. Just as the athletic scholarships do, the other merit-based scholarships are awarded to encourage an exceptional student to focus on the field in which he or she shows particular promise.

Need-based scholarship grants are a form of financial aid, designed to help a student pay for college when he or she might otherwise be unable to do so. These scholarships help offset the cost of tuition, books and other study materials, and even the cost of living while in college.

Some scholarship grants are based on ethnicity, whereby a student’s national origin, race, or religion is the basis upon which to award educational funds. In this category of scholarship grants, perhaps the United Negro College Fund is the most well known.

The school itself awards institutional-based scholarship grants. These scholarships are used to attract exceptional students, those the school has identified as being an asset to its operation for one reason or another.

All the branches of the armed services in the United States, including the Coast Guard, offer military scholarship grants. These scholarships are usually awarded with a commitment to serve in the appropriate branch of the military for a designated period of time after graduation from college.

There are many other sources of scholarship grants, too, often referred to as general scholarship grants. They may come from any one of the many scholarship programs available but they may also be awarded with monies from a student’s local church or civic organizations.

Many employers have employee benefits that award scholarship grants to its own employees attending college while working or to the children of its employees. Look to company human resources or personnel departments for information on the availability of this type scholarship grant.