GI Bill

Is The GI Bill Worth It?

The GI bill opens up educational doors for soldiers that serve the country. You will be able to get an education without spending a fortune. However, there are provisions that must be followed in order for you to be able to take advantage of the program.

Soldiers are awarded a financial stipend for spending time in the military. This means that the soldier provides a certain number of years of service in the military. After the service concludes, the soldier is able to attended college. The GI bill offers a designated amount of money for soldiers to get a college education. Recently there were measures passed that allow soldiers to transfer some portion of their GI bill to their spouses or children.

While the GI bill is a wonderful program and soldiers deserve a return on their selfless service, it is not for everyone. The desire to serve in the military should surpass the desire to get the GI bill. Military service can be extremely difficult and will require soldiers to embark on a life that is nothing like the one they have known. Combat, service in a foreign land and very dangerous missions can be on the agenda. A deep rooted patriotism should be in place before joining the military.

The GI bill is available for both college education and vocational training. There are some programs that the GI bill will only pay a portion of. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the GI bill measures can be changed at any time. Recently there was a slight reduction in the amount of compensation given for school.

Deciding to serve in the military is a personal decision that should be taken very seriously. If the many goal is taking advantage of the GI bill you should probably find other ways to finance your education. The GI bill is not an easy way to get money for school however, for those that receive it, it is a great way to help pay the cost of higher education.